Tuesday, August 17, 2010

These Lovely Ladies are Done

"Girl on Bed", 30" x 30", oil and encaustic wax on panel

Despite many people urging me to not cover the eyes of this latest painting, I had to. I think it still is a lovely painting and people who had never seen the uncovered version seem to like it as well. Sorry to those of you who felt pretty strongly about her eyes not being covered but I had to go with my gut instinct. I did take a high resolution picture of it before I painted in the bar, although I am not sure what I will do with it yet. This painting, along with "Young Bride", and 7 other of my paintings are being shipped to the Julie Nester Gallery soon and will shown at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC. 
"Young Bride", 30" x 24", oil and encaustic wax on panel

Now that these paintings are waxed and ready to go, I started an new painting. I decided to paint a man this time since I have been painting a lot of women lately. I seem to be having some problems getting his pants right. The dark accents seem to be too strong and I should have really waited until the paint underneath was dry because I was lifting paint off as I was trying to darken certain areas. I'll work on it more this week and hopefully I can pull it together.

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