Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Melting...

Yesterday was a very hot day in San Francisco. It was in the 90s and if you've ever been to SF during the summer, you'll know that we are used to more winter-like weather during this time. In fact, it usually damn right freezing sometimes. I don't think as San Franciscans were are equipped for this type of hot weather. I grew up in Southern California where the weather was easily in the 100s during the summer and in the 80s during the winter. I know heat. Correction: I KNEW heat. Having lived here for 18 years, my heat proof skin has become somewhat thin and yesterday I was suffering. My fingers were swelling and holding a paint brush was not fun. It is times like these that I am happy I don't paint with wax every day. Having a heating palette and using a blow torch would have been unbearable! Good thing San Francisco only gets allotted three days of summer per year.

Despite the hot weather, I did manage to get some painting done on my latest piece. It's pretty much done. I just need to go back and add some accents to the second girl's skin. Oh, and then there's the wax but I think I'll wait until the next cold day to do that, which should be coming up pretty soon. I'm pretty happy with this one. I think the two girls look very sweet and I'm liking working on the rectangular panel too. I usually work in squares but this piece seemed to lend itself better to a rectangular panel. I'm trying out different sizes and shapes now. It is 20" x 16".

I just think these two girls are so cute and I love their pose. The original photo had 5 people posing together but I think just these two made a better composition. Painting this in yesterday's heat made me want to join them in that pool. Ah, that would have been refreshing, but probably not a good way to paint. My panel would have gotten wet. Yes, I realize I am just being silly. Here's a close-up:
"Two Girls in a Pool", 20" x 16"

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