Monday, August 2, 2010

It Feels Good

Today was my first day back into the studio after having to entertain family for the past ten days. I wasn't able to get any painting done during that time and, boy, it did not feel good. I get pretty grumpy when I don't get into the studio often and try not to make that a habit, so the past few days were painful. It was nice to get back in there and everything seemed to be working out right the way I wanted them to. I was giddy.

I worked on the family piece I was painting previous to all of the family visits. I have some minor touch-ups and some highlights left. It feels pretty done. I worked on the woman's hand and it looks more like a hand, not some deformed claw. I think it could use some more work but I am hoping some highlights will make it look even better. The dresses on the little girls need a tiny bit of work, but then I think I'm done. I am pretty happy with the way this one came out. I really like the composition.

I also worked on the three older ladies on the beach. It is FINALLY starting to look right and make me happy. I have been so disatisfied with this one for so long that it's nice to see it finally come together. It still needs a lot of work but I am happy with the direction of it.

I really like the canopy on this chair. I think it fills the space better, making to figure not seem so "isolated" and apart from the rest of the composition. I still need to work on her hand and the chair on this lady.

I decided today, after some success, that this painting will be done this week. It would be nice to be able to move on without this painting looming over me, begging to be finished.

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