Monday, August 23, 2010

That's Just RUDE!

At the recent Body Language II show at our studio space, Art Explosion, everyone had work up in the "gallery" area of the space, myself included. Now I realize that these walls aren't in a "real" gallery and that this was a one day show, but I was amazed at how rude one person can be. I had to ship most of my paintings from the show and as I was pulling paintings off the wall, I noticed this WRITTEN on the wall in INK:

For those of you who can't read what it says, it reads: "Looks good. How much? Call me 415-.....". REALLY? Someone out there seriously thought that it was okay to write on a gallery wall, between two of my paintings, this message? And in INK???? I just find it so incredibly rude. It's unbelievable. Who taught this person their manners cause obviously, they failed. In addition to being rude, whoever wrote this was incredibly stupid because if he/she had just looked four feet to the left, he/she would have seen the price list. One of my friends/ studio mates asked me if I was going to call this person back but I think that is a "NO!". Anyone this stupid and rude doesn't deserve to own art. There may be a day where he/she may need to write a note, and not finding anything to write one, use my painting to jot down his/her thoughts. Sheesh!

On another note, I started a new painting today. Open studios is just around the corner so I need to paint up a storm, again, to get ready. I have seven weeks, and one of them is my wedding week. I wonder how many paintings I'll be able to finish by then. Anyone want to wager on that?

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  1. Jeez that's somebody who belongs on the board.