Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a Good Man

It's been a busy few weeks with getting paintings finished and ready for three different shows and open studios the first week of October. I don't think I have ever been this tired and overwhelmed. Even now that the last paintings were shipped and received, I feel like I still have pressure to paint a lot since I still have one gallery that only has three pieces and is waiting to see what else I come up with. It's a lot of pressure, and while I am not complaining, it can get a person down. Fortunately I have a wonderful husband who has been very understanding and has been bending over backwards trying to relieve some of my stress. He's been helpful with shipping and delivering work, taking care of the cooking and cleaning, and, I'm embarrassed to say, he's even been good natured about my freak outs and break downs. He's a good guy and I am happy to have just celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past Sunday.

I don't see things slowing down in the studio for me, which is a curse and a blessing at the same time. I have decided to quit anything that isn't absolutely necessary so that I have more time to paint. It's not a well-rounded life, but it is mine and I am generally pretty happy being able to paint and share my work. I just hope my husband can tolerate my being an artist. I'm not an easy person to be around when deadlines start to loom and I start to feel stressed.

Here is the latest painting that I started on Saturday but some good hours in today to work on it.

That is not a happy little girl there. She does not like mommy spending
time with the man in the least that's the story in my head.

There's a very large umbrella in the background. I think it will help pull the
composition together even more.

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