Sunday, September 25, 2011

Learning to Draw, Old School Style Part 3

Today was day three of my classical figure drawing class with Sadie Valeri. We learned that there are no parallel lines in nature. Because of this, I had to go back and eliminate any lines that looked parallel and look for tapered lines to replace them with. These small changes made my drawing look less "mechanical"/ stiff and more organic/ natural. I am also at the point where I am starting to refine my drawing and make it look more like this specific model, rather than a generic sitting man. I am trying to add in the "essence" of this man, making him distinguishable from anyone else. During this I am still making head to toe relationships as I refine each area. I am looking for similar curves that allow the limbs and body to "flow" together. These small adjustments took up most of the class and I am still not done. I am hoping that next class I will have the contour drawing completed and can start working on some shading.

I never thought that I could spend this much time on one drawing. I am, and have always been, a quick painter. Perhaps this is because I don't have any formal art training so I don't "see" the mistakes that need to be fixed. I don't see flaws that perhaps others may see, which means I can finish faster. This drawing class is not only teaching me to "see" better so that I can recognize what is not working, but I am also learning patience. Maybe this patience will carry into my everyday life. I am sure my husband and students would greatly appreciate that!

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