Sunday, September 18, 2011

Learning to Draw, Old School Style Part 2

Today was day two of my figure drawing class with Sadie Valeri. Unlike most figure drawing classes where you spend the day making many gestural drawings and quick sketches before a "long" pose, this class is spending six weeks making ONE drawing. Last week we worked on making an envelope to "encase" the model and drawing a web that connects the angles of the body parts. Today was all about revising and getting the proportions exact. I spent three hours looking at angles and proportions, defining the horizontal and vertical middle lines, then making corrections over and over again. This class is definitely teaching me how to be patient. I am usually a quick worker so to take three hours to only get to this point is definitely going against my nature. I'm sure my drawing isn't exact just yet and could use a few more hours on this stage, but there is always next week!
You can finally tell that this is a figure I am drawing. There are still MANY hours to go.

In other news, I finished and waxed the last painting for my two person show, "Cinema Verite" at JoAnne Artman Gallery. Tomorrow everything gets shipped. I also started on a new piece, which is EXTREMELY rough still.

"Boys on a Pier", 2011, 20"x16", oil and encaustic wax on panel.

The latest work in progress...

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