Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Little" Ladies

I have been working on some smaller panels this week for a couple of small work shows. This format is fun to do, especially since I don't normally paint smaller than 16"x16". Most of these pieces are 6"x6" and one of them is 10"x10". I decided that instead of scaling down the images so that they were proportional to the size of the panel (which would make the images TINY), I would still keep the images the same size as a larger painting, and do some creative cropping. I am really enjoying have the faces look "blown-up" on the 6"x6" panels. I wanted to focus on the facial features of these women, especially the eyes. I decided that for these four paintings (although only three have been started), I would not cover the eyes. I could change my mind later, and reserve that right, but for now, those of you who cringe every time I block some really nice eyes, have nothing to worry about.

10"x10". This woman is actually straddling a very cool vintage motorcycle.
I think I will paint the full image, motorcycle and all, on a
larger panel at a later date. It's a pretty cool image.

This is the first 6"x6" I did. All three paintings are still in the underpainting
stage and none of them have any eyelashes painted on since
that needs to be added last. All three women have REALLY dark eyelashes too!

I feel like this woman really needs her eyelashes, otherwise she looks a
bit plain to me.

Check out the arched eyebrows! Wow!

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