Monday, September 12, 2011

Boys on a Pier: Work in Progress

I started the last painting due for my "Cinema Verite" show with Brooke Shaden at JoAnne Artman Gallery, which opens October 6th. I am trying to finish the last painting this week so that everything can ship next Monday. There is still so much to do before I can ship these last 5 pieces, including painting the sides, wiring, and packaging the pieces up so that they arrive safely. Did I already mention that I still have to PAINT this last piece? I have four workable days to do this. Yeah, I think I will be busy this week.

Here's the progress:
I started the underpainting today. The painting is only 16"x20"
so I was hoping to get most of the underpainting done by today.

Boy number two had very light features. There wasn't much contrast
on his face which makes it hard to paint his face and
make it look like a face and not a cartoon of a face. I think it
looks okay so far.

Here's a close-up of the faces. As you can see, there's not much to boy #2's face.

I wasn't able to get all four boys done. Hunger kept me from continuing.
I got pretty far  though. I like how the third boy just looks like he's hating
 having to pose for this picture. 

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