Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Colored Painting

Now that my studio is clean, I can focus on the important things, like painting. I decided to get back to my color studies and do one a day for every day that I am at the studio for the next two weeks. It should be an interesting exercise since some days I am only in the studio for about two hours at most, and other days I am there for at least 5 hours. Some are bound to have more details than others. Some will look better than others. The time limit is imposed so that I don't get too hung up on the details or getting a painting perfect when these are just studies/ exercises. This is practice and they don't need to be masterpieces.

Here is the first one that I did today. I was in the studio for 2 hours today.

"House and Trees" 10"x8"

I was pretty excited about this one and when my studio mate came by, I exclaimed "I'm painting in color!" She looked at the painting and said "This is in color???". Yeah, okay, there's not much color but it is in color. I used three different yellows, white, raw umber, and payne's gray. Baby steps, I keep telling myself. Baby steps.

1 comment:

  1. We want the blues and the reds! And the bright, bright yellows! Still, that doesn't take away from this terrific work.