Sunday, March 27, 2011

Auction Excitement

Last night was the most nerve-wracking, exciting evening that I have experienced in a long while. The Artspan Benefit Auction went off without a hitch and my painting sold for one of the highest prices all night! Watching people bid on my painting was exhilarating. The bids went high pretty fast and the next thing I knew, it was over and the people around me were congratulating me. What a night!

Here I am standing next to my painting before the auction.

The place was PACKED!

Here's my painting during the auction...

After an exciting night like that, it was hard to get into the studio today. But, I am a trooper, and I made it in for a few hours and worked on my latest two pieces.

I finished "Dancing Nurses" and will wax it later in the week. I am pretty happy with the final results and think it will look even better with the wax. 

I also worked on this painting. I didn't work on the face, which is odd for me since it's usually the first thing I start and finish. I don't know why I'm painting differently for this. I also worked it backwards on the nurse one. Anyways, the pattern on the dress is a pain but I am liking the results. Painting the hair was fun too. Tomorrow I will try and get more of the face done and hopefully have her dress done too. 

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