Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making Progress on #3

I had a really good day of painting yesterday. I was playing hooky from work since I had a doctor's appointment so I was able to get in some good hours at the studio before and after my appointment. I went in at 9:30 in the morning, let for an hour for my appointment (luckily my new doctor's office is 3 blocks away from the studio!), came back and painted until 6 pm! That's at least 7 hours of painting! It was a long day, but I didn't even notice. I was having such a good time painting that I didn't even notice the time until my husband called to say he was on his way home. It was so good, I even painted most of the hands, which I usually leave for last since I hate doing them. I think they came out pretty well too!

I love days like this, where you are so involved in a painting that nothing else matters. Everything is clicking and working out the way you want it. Nothing seems to get in your way of accomplishing what you want. I wish everyday was filled with limitless hours of studio time and countless moments of loss time because I'm so wrapped up in what I am doing. I think all of us could use more days like this.

16"x20", "Drive-in"
Working on the sound pieces up against their ears was fun. I can't wait to add in more highlights so that it looks metallic. The faces were also a good time for me. I used thick layers of paint, which is different for me. I usually paint in pretty thin layers and "stain" the shadows but this time I layed it on thick. I like the effect and the process. Maybe I'll start doing that more....

Detail of "Drive-in"

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