Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another "Oh *#@%" Moment

I seem to be having these moments a lot lately where I think I have more time than I actually do in order to get work done for a deadline. For example, I thought I had more time before my studio visit with the curator of 111 Minna. Turns out, that is probably going to happen in the next week. I also thought I had plenty of time to submit images for my June show at Madison Gallery, but nope, that has to happen soon too.

Today, I thought I had two weeks before open studios, but it turns out, IT'S NEXT WEEKEND. Holy crap! There's so much to do! In addition to getting my work ready for this event, I'm also the show director and need to assign gallery wall space to the studio artists, assign set-up/ clean-up jobs to people to make sure that everyone pitches in, and coordinate with everyone else with the sixty-million other things that need to go on, ALL while also painting and trying to meet my deadlines. Needless to say, I am more than a bit overwhelmed. I'm sure everything will be done, and on time, but I will be pretty stressed trying to get the work done. I think I need a better way of keeping track of upcoming deadlines.

For those of you who need the information...
Spring Open Studios, April 9th, 10th, 16th, and 17th
noon until 5pm
Art Explosion Studios
2425 17th Street, San Francisco

I did manage to finish the underpainting of one of my pieces, and start the underpainting of the second piece. I am hoping to finish these two pieces by next week and have them ready for my studio visit. They don't look like much at this stage..



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