Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm a Cheater Already...

Yesterday when I went back into my studio, I looked at my painting from Tuesday and decided it needed to be brightened up a bit. I know I said that I didn't want to hyper focus on any of these pieces and would limit myself to finishing it in one day, but it was REALLY bugging me. I decided I would let myself cheat and gave myself 10 minutes to work on it and decided that I wouldn't work on it past that time, I swear. I actually set a timer and broke out the liquin and did some yellow and white washes. It brightened up the painting and made the colors a bit more vibrant. I am now happy with the results. I know that I won't be touching it anymore because now it feels complete.

I wasn't in the studio very long yesterday, probably an hour and a half, if that. I did start another painting but didn't get much done due to my limited time at the studio. I know I won't be in for very long today too (I've had a lot of appointments/ meetings lately) so I am contemplating working on the same painting I started yesterday. I would like to work on each piece for at least two hours, I'm thinking. I'm already a cheater to my own rules by working on the first piece for an extra ten minutes the next day. I may as well go for broke and do it again today. Here is what I started, which doesn't look like much:

On a good note...THERE'S MORE COLOR! Yes boys and girls, I have broken out the blue tubes of paint! I don't think anyone will question whether this one is in color.

On a side note....Here are some installation shots of the three commissions I recently finished:

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