Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TeePee Boys

It felt unbelievably awesome to be painting again yesterday. After two weeks off from the studio, going back in with two new pieces in mind was a more than welcome change. I started the underpainting of the teepee boys and have to say, I'm impressed with myself. The painting is off to a great start. Now before this sounds too egotistical, what I mean is that I feel like my skills have improved tremendously since I first started this series in January of 2009. Back then I had never really painted people before and wanted to challenge myself with doing something that pretty much terrified me. After more than a year and a half of this series, and about 100 paintings, I like to think that I have grown a lot and am no longer afraid of tackling the human form. I don't think I could have painted the underpainting as well as I did yesterday, a year ago. My work and technique is getting stronger and I am very pleased with myself for the progress. I am hoping this trend continues.

Teepee boy number one still needs high-lights and accents, and of course, the eyes need to be blocked out. I'm really enjoying painting the feathers in the head pieces. I have never painted feathers before so it is a nice challenge.
The underpainting of the second boy will hopefully be done today. He is not a happy looking one. Wait until you see what he is doing with his hands. I bet this was one of those pictures that this guys wishes was never taken and that he cringed ever time his mother showed it. Hehehe, and now I am painting it. Good thing the eyes are blocked out in the final piece!

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