Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Work Available for Open Studios!

My new paintings are waxed and ready to go! To purchase, please visit me at open studios this weekend (2425 17th st. @ Potrero in San Francisco) or email me at

"Puppy Love", 16" x 16" $900

"Manly Men", 16" x16", $900

"How Many Fingers...?" 16" x16", $900

"Picking a Puppy", 16" x 16", $900

"Pensive Friends", 16" x 32", $1,750

Here's a preview of what my studio looks that it's all nice and clean:


  1. Wow! Your studio looks like a treasure trove of great work. I really like your paintings that add such a personal note to the vintage photos you use. Really fantastic!
    I'm glad I found this blog.

  2. I love the lapels on the jacket in Picking a Puppy!
    Go you for getting done ahead of schedule!