Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Artists Collecting Art

I love art. I love making art. I love seeing art. I love collecting art. Having beautiful art around me makes me happy. People sometimes assume that just because I am an artist, I don't buy art. Just ask the gallery owners/ reps who, once they found out I was an artist, automatically assumed I wasn't going to buy anything and moved on to the next potential client. During the San Francisco Art Fair I was ignored A LOT once they figured out I was "just an artist", as if I couldn't possibly afford art. It has happened at a couple of galleries too. It happens often enough to bother me. But I have bought art. I do have an art collection.

Granted, I can't afford to buy very expensive art and often times I acquire my pieces through trade or I am given it as a gift. This doesn't negate the fact that I do collect art and sometimes I am moved enough by a piece that I will buy it, even if I can't really afford it, even if I have to make payments on it. So gallery owners pay attention: Artists do buy art, at least this artist does, so don't ignore us when we walk into your gallery. Not all of us are looking to hit you up for representation.

Here are my latest three acquisitions of art from this past month. I am very happy to own these and be showing them, along with the other paintings I've collected, in my home. (I apologize for the bad photos taken on my iphone. Please visit these artists' websites for better pictures)
Untitled- Rebekah Goldstein
Mixed Medium on Panel

"Round One"- Jeff Schaller
Limited Edition Screen Print

"Green Bean"- Lucky Rapp
Mixed Medium, Resin on Canvas

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