Monday, October 4, 2010

Men, Men, Men, Men

I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't usually paint very many pictures of men. I'm not sure why that is other than I find more interesting photos of women and girls that I think would make a good painting. It's not that I have anything against men, in fact I kinda like them. Just ask my husband. I like him A LOT. But one would think I had something against them if you looked at the total men to women ratio of paintings I've done. Considering that men have so many more advantages than women in life as it is, let's just say this is my own little way of helping women catch up. (Okay, I realize that women are all over the place ON paintings but few are seen/ heard of AS artists, unlike men, I'd still like to think that my paintings of women of all ages and sizes helps get a better picture of what real women look. A girl can dream, right?)

"Manly Men", 16" x 16", Work in progress. 
Just because I haven't painted any men in awhile, I just started this one today as part of my three painting challenge of the week. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow. So far, I have two out of three done and it's only day 3 of my 6 day challenge! Yay me!

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