Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Next Step...

Now that the flurry of activities have slowed down, I finally have time to think about my next steps in my art career. I haven't had much time to think about or work on marketing and gallery submissions since the beginning of April, when I suddenly had MANY shows and had to start thinking about planning my wedding.  Even if I had had the time, my paintings were being shipped out as fast as I could paint them. It was a great time, but extremely busy. I have one more show at Aqua Miami, an art fair in Florida, in December with Stephanie Breitbard Fine Arts to think about, but other than that, I am free to paint what I want and start promoting, promoting, promoting!

Thinking about what my next steps should be, I've decided that I really want to focus some time on getting my work in Los Angeles. Each city seems to have a trend in art, in my opinion. Urban landscapes seems to be the trend now in San Francisco after a few years of pop-surrealism being very popular.  From what I can tell online, figurative work seems to be the new "it" art in Los Angeles, which just happens to be the kind of art I create. I think it's a good time for me to start looking for galleries to show my work there. My work is the strongest it has ever been (although I hope to continue to grow in my skills), people are starting to notice my paintings, and I am in a good place to really pursue opportunities.

So what will I do in order to accomplish this goal? I will continue to research Los Angeles galleries online. I plan on making a trip out there and visit the galleries that I feel would be a good fit. It's  always a good idea to try and make as many visits as possible and since I have family out there, that shouldn't be too hard. Once I've established where I would love to show my work, I will submit my promotional packages and keep my fingers crossed. I will continue to paint, blog, and update my website with new work. Marketing is important and I have decided to devote one day a week to just that. Wednesdays will now be "marketing Wednesdays". I know that these things take time, but if I don't start now, then it may never happen. I know as an artist that it is unrealistic to think that I can sit back and galleries will find me. I know that I need to make things happen if I want my career to be successful...and I do. So watch out Los Angeles, cause here I come!

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