Monday, December 13, 2010

Work by Kirsten Tradowsky

It's been a busy couple of days, and unfortunately, I was not busy making art. In order to help pay the bills while waiting for the checks to roll in from the hopeful sales of my paintings, I tutor 5 students in high school math (pre-calculus, geometry, and advanced algebra). It's a job I enjoy since I really like working with numbers and feel this keeps the left side of my brain pumping. It's especially nice since I usually only work 5-6 hours a week which gives me plenty of painting time.  I also like that most of the kids I tutor attend the School of the Arts in San Francisco. I think being an artist who didn't understand math until graduate school gives me a unique perspective on how to teach math that these kids seem to appreciate.

This week is different though. Finals are here and all of my kids need extra hours with me to prepare. My schedule has been crazy and I am spending more hours prepping and tutoring in math than painting. I haven't had much time in my studio but I did take a break and managed to visit Bryant Street Studios (sorry, I can't remember the actual name of the studio space). They were having a holiday sale and I wanted to see the work of an artist whose work I really enjoyed.

Kirsten Tradowsky, the artist who's work i wanted to see, is a San Francisco artist who uses historical remnants (like old photographs) and gives them new life. Being a fan of old photographs also, I immediately felt a connection to Kirsten's work the first time I saw it in a group show at Reaves Gallery. Her work is colorful and playful, depicting images that I am sure many of us have seen in our old family photos. I am an admirer of her work and now I own two of her watercolors!

Behold, my two newest paintings adding to my art collection!
"Traveler's Study" 2010, approx. 8"x 12"

"Bottle Bonding", 2009, approx. 10" x 8"

Kirsten's website shows mostly her oil paintings, many of which I would love to own. The following two images are from her website. Please visit her website for more information on her and to view more of her work. I hope to some day own one of her oils paintings...Someday!

"Haircut", 2010, 12" x 12" oil on canvas

"Hillsdale Staff 1971" 2010, 15" x 30", oil on canvas

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