Friday, December 10, 2010

Ideas are Brewing

My new series has been brewing in my head and I can't wait till I can start executing these ideas. I really hope that what I see in my head is how the series will turn out. I hate when I can't make my ideas a reality. What is my new idea for the next series? Well I am not going to spoil it just yet, since I want to make sure I can do it, but those of you who have been upset when I have covered the eyes of my subjects will be very happy. There will be no black bars in this series. Look for new images in January. I have a few things I need to complete (paintings from the previous series, commissions, etc.) before I can start the new work but I am hoping to start 2011 with all new work!

So what does that mean for my "Forgotten Memories" series? I will still do the occasional painting for this series since sometimes you come across a photograph that is just perfect for this, but for the most part, I THINK I am done with black bars...for the moment. If you enjoyed this body of work,  you can check out my website,,  for information on which galleries you can find my work at. You can also purchase a 20-page, 8"x8" soft-bound, art book that includes some of my paintings from the series (in addition to an essay by Will Taylor) for $25, which includes shipping. Each book is hand signed on the front page and contains 21 images of my work. Email me at if you would like to order one.
Cover of my new art book which includes images of my paintings from my last series of work.

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