Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions, Part 1

I am not a fan of New Year's Resolutions. I never have been. I guess I got tired of feeling guilty that I broke them so quickly. Instead, what I do is make a list of things I want to accomplish for the coming year. I make a list of big goals and little ones, and then I put them in an envelope and "hide" it in a safe place. At the end of the year I read the list and cross off what I've accomplished. I guess these are just like resolutions but having them in a "to do" list format seems to make them less intimidating. It's a good feeling to cross things off my list and see what I've accomplished at the end of the year. I don't worry about what HASN'T been done, those items can go on next year's list if I still find them to still be important to accomplish, I just focus on what HAS been accomplished. Goals and needs change, just as I change, so I always evaluate whether or not the things not crossed off are important enough to make the list again the following year.

This year, I only crossed off three things in a list of ten. Now, I can beat myself up for only doing three, except that when I look at what's on the list and what I accomplished, these are pretty big things. I also made some great headway on some of the things I didn't cross off. Here's what I wrote:

1. Have at least 5 galleries represent me. Well this one didn't get crossed off the list on a technicality. I can list 3 galleries that actually represent me and 1 art consultant who has a private gallery that does. I also have one gallery that has a good body of work at their establishment but I am not on their website. Am I showing in 5 galleries? Yes, but I can't say I am represented by them all so I didn't cross this item off my list. Now, I am pretty proud of how far I've come. When I wrote this item on the list, I had ZERO representation. I think I did pretty well in a year on this one. Next year this will definitely be crossed off.

2. Sell enough art to make a good living. Once again, this was not crossed off. I did make a LOT more money than I have in previous years. I was actually in the black all year, and I have a lot of art expenses! But I figure this is still a foundation year. I worked pretty hard on making quality work and getting galleries to show my work. This coming year will be even more profitable, I am predicting, since my name and work is getting out there.

3. Buy a house in Portland, OR. Back when I wrote this list, my then boyfriend, now husband and I were seriously contemplating moving to Portland but things have changed. We still want to buy a house but now we may be staying in San Francisco where there's more work for him. Like I said, things change. Needs change.

4. Get Married. Funny how when I wrote this, my husband and I weren't even engaged and now we are married! I guess I knew then that he was the one. Married. Check. This one was big one to get crossed off my list.

5. Go to Italy. Nope, didn't get there, but someday....

6. Quit my job. YES!!! DONE! COMPLETED! I love being an artist and painting for the majority of my day! Once again, a HUGE thing to cross off my list.

7. Exercise. This was crossed off although I think I can still be better at this. I have joined a gym and go on a semi-regular schedule.

8. Weigh what I weighed when I first met my husband two years ago. When I met him I was a a nice 138 lbs. (I am 5'8") but I have now gained 12 lbs of "love" and would like to give it back. It was only 8lbs. when I wrote this on my list. Maybe I should revise this to "not gain any more weight" for next year.

9. Feng Shui the apartment. You'd think that would be an easy one, but I didn't have time to do it. When I did have some extra time, I actually forgot it was on my list.  Oh well.

10. Learn to forgive my family.  Another huge one that I am still working on. Having everyone show up to my wedding helped. I'm getting there....

Tomorrow I will make my new list of things to accomplish for 2011. Happy New Year!

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