Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Attempt

I've been thinking about starting a new series for awhile and today was the first chance that I was able to work on it. I had an idea in my head that would focus on the facial features of the face with the majority of the person whited out. Just hints of the other aspects of the person would be showing through, giving a suggestion of . Basically, the person would look like they were emerging through a dense fog. I wanted to play with painting the least amount of detail and still be able to convey a memory or emotion. I haven't quite worked out how to do this, as is apparent on my first painting.

The painting is not complete, but already is starting to feel a bit generic. I am going to cover it in with a very thick layer of wax after I finish the details of the face. I want it to be subtle as possible but my fear it that there isn't enough details or that it will be too plain. I don't want to add too much detail either. There's a balance, but I don't think I have found it yet. Part of me wanted to just trash the whole idea but I've decided that I need to experiment a bit more before I give up. Hopefully I will figure out how to make what I see in my head a reality. 


  1. Look at Thomas Chimes - White paintings series. I think that is what you might be after.

  2. Thanks Jeff. I looked him up and in a certain sense yes, it's what I am going for. I like how his images are subtle and seem to be in a dense fog, which is what I am going for. But I want my images to disappear and blend into the background in whiter areas and emerge in others. Make any sense?