Friday, June 25, 2010

Mathematical Beauty

Yesterday I attended an opening reception for artist Antonio Cortez's first solo exhibition titled "Mathematical Formulations in the Service of Art" at Sagan Piechota Architecture (315 Linden St. in Hayes Valley). Antonio's work is based on abstract mathematical functions which produce these beautiful patterns when graphed. He then prints these patterns on thick pieces of aluminum, for a stunning effect.

Being a self-proclaimed math geek, and former math teacher (yay!), his work really spoke to me and shows how math can be beautiful and more than just something to be feared. Too often I hear negative things about math from people who have had a history of bad experiences in school. People don't realize that there is beauty in math and that the challenges they see in it, can actually be something creative. Antonio's artwork shows people that. Great job and congratulations on an amazing show Antonio! Be sure to stop by and see his work or visit his website for images and more information.

This is my favorite piece. I love how it looks like light is coming through the top and separating two functions in an almost spiritual manner.

This is the intersection of three functions. If these were lines (linear equations), it would be where the three lines meet.


  1. Exciting photos. It is kind of weird but what you have done is amazing. I love all your paintings and I wish someday I can come on one of your exhibits.