Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Favorite Artist of the Month: Angela Willetts

A couple of years ago, I went to the Hunter's Point Open Studios, here in San Francisco, and it was there that I fell in love with Angela Willetts' "Ladders and Bridges" series. I had actually thought about her beautiful oil paintings a few times throughout the past two years and then I met Rebekah Goldstien, a fellow artist who had moved into Art Explosion, the studio space where I currently paint. She mentioned that she was an art teacher and that Angela Willetts was her co-worker! I was excited at the mention of her name, especially since I recently went back to the Hunter's Point studios and did not see Angela there. We talked a bit about Angela's work and how I loved the depth she created with the rich browns in her paintings and the light blue accents. I could look at one of her paintings for hours! I knew I had to buy one of her paintings so when I met her at one of Rebekah's art openings, I asked Angela if she had any of her "Ladders and Bridges" paintings left and she did! The painting was mine. It is now hanging in my living room where I can stare at it for hours everyday if I chose to. I am truly in love.

To see more of her amazing work, visit her website: or blog: .

Image Above: "Passage" 2008, 16" x 20". This is the painting that I now own.

"Departure", 2008

"The Beginning is Always Clear", 2008

"Categorized" 2008

"Serendipity", 2008

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