Friday, June 4, 2010

The End is Near...and I am Excited!

Today is the last Friday I will be teaching math for awhile, if not forever. The school year ends next Thursday and I am excited to start a new chapter in my life and career. I will finally be able to devote ALL of my attention to painting and do what I love fulltime. In addition, I will be getting married this Fall and possibly moving to another state. It is a time for change for both me and my future husband and it feels great...but scary too.

Will I miss teaching math and being around teenagers? Sure. I LOVE learning about different concepts in math and challenging myself and my students to think differently about it. I love the puzzles that math problems create and have often gotten giddy about certain problems or solutions (and yes, the kids think that is funny and weird). I love seeing that look on a student's face when she FINALLY understands and feels at ease with what she is doing. I love the relationships that I have formed with some of my students that have continued years after I was their teacher. I love making a difference in someone's life.

All of these things, I will miss and all of these things will no longer be a part of my everyday life. I've lived this part of my life for thirteen years and now it's time for a change. It's time for me to spread my wings and see how far I can fly as an artist uninhibited by the limitations of having a day job that keeps me out of the studio. It's time for me to see if I can really make it in the world as an artist, and more importantly, as a successful artist.  It is a scary journey which will undoubtedly have some ups and downs. There will be times when I will be questioning my decision to quit my job. There will be days when I will wonder if I am really cut out for this kind of life. But with these doubts, there will also be days when I KNOW this is right for me and hopefully those days will be plentiful and will outweigh the bad days. Next week I can change my title from math teacher to fulltime artist and it feels wonderful!

Image: "Girl on Bike" Work in progress... 12" x 12" , oil and soon to have encaustic wax on birch panel.