Monday, July 23, 2012

Short Attention Span Painting

Lately there has been a million things on my mind. With finally finding a house, I seem to be busy with many things relating to it.  Because of this (and the excitement of buying a house), I haven't been able to concentrate on painting for long periods of time.

I have started three paintings in the last week and a half and can't seem to concentrate long enough to complete any of them. The under-paintings are complete for all of them, but that's the easy part. It's the part I like since it makes the most immediate impact. I go from having a blank panel to having this image slowly appear, almost like magic. It really is my favorite part of the painting process.

So I have completed my favorite parts on these three pieces and, well, that's about it. The good news is that I don't have any work that is immediately due, but I do have a solo show at Arthaus Gallery in October and a three person show at JoAnne Artman Gallery in November. I should be starting those pieces soon so that I am not overwhelmed later. Maybe once we close escrow on the house and move will my mind be free to paint...In the meantime it will be slow progress.

One of three paintings I am working on. All three paintings are 36"x36".

This is the most finished piece out of the three...still a lot of work left to do.

This is the oldest of the three pieces. It seems like ages ago that I started this.

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