Friday, July 15, 2011

Vellum Experiments

Today was a "play" day. After working on paintings for various shows pretty much non-stop for months now, I needed a day to just experiment and play without worrying about the finished product. Every once in awhile I need one of these days in order to keep my mind from going insane and to keep my work from getting stale. So far, nothing has come out of these experiments other than letting off some steam, although I am hoping that some day, one of these "experiments" will result in a new series.

I bought a pad of vellum a few months ago and it sat in my studio unopened. Today I decided to paint on it. My idea was to do quick paintings that were more expressive using the same two colors I have been using, raw umber and white. I didn't want to worry about the details so I tried to use my larger brushes. I don't know how successful I was about eliminating details though. Old habits are hard to break, I guess. At any rate, I started three paintings today. They are all 11"x14". I'm not sure if they are done yet, I'll evaluate that tomorrow. I did have fun playing with the vellum though.


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