Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Newly Waxed and Finished

Here are the two latest waxed pieces to be finished. I know the Monkey Bars painting was actually done awhile ago, but I was still contemplating it for a few weeks so I didn't wax it until now.

"Monkey Bars", 30"x40", oil and encaustic wax on panel

"Laying on a Blanket", 30"x24", oil and encaustic wax on panel

I also worked some on the first of my 4x4 grid of paintings. I am now thinking that these will work better linearly. The last image, which isn't pictured, is an enlargement of just the men's faces. Basically, I am enlarging the image for each panel and getting closer and closer to their faces. After discussing this will a studio-mate (Thanks Kellen Breen for the advice!), I think it will work better in a linear format since I am getting progressively larger and closer, rather than in a grid format. I am also going to layer them will very thick layers of wax...just cause I like the way it looks and I want to.

BTW, I have no idea what they are holding in their hands...anyone want to take a guess? 

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