Friday, July 8, 2011

Barring a Mouth

Check this out.... My painting, "Turtle Race" (which is at the JoAnne Artman Gallery) is in the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot!

Meanwhile, back in the studio.... I finished the underpainting for another painting. The eyes are so pretty in this one that I am considering NOT covering the eyes. It could still happen, but I'm also considering Robin Luciano Beaty's suggestion of covering the mouth instead. I kind of like the message that it suggests...that pretty girls should keep their mouths shut. It reminds me of watching old "Kung Fu" movies when I was a kid. One, in particular,  had a Chinese princess, who was a beautiful woman that never spoke. The men would all literally fight for her, and when the man who won would get his "prize", she would start speaking and turn everyone off by her voice and senseless chatter. Suddenly she wasn't very pretty once she opened her mouth. I can remember my mom telling me I was like the Chinese princess and it took me many years to figure out what she meant (yeah, it wasn't a very nice comment). I may just cover the mouth of this painting in reference to that movie. We'll see.

I also worked on the other painting I started this week. I'm thinking one more day on this and I will be done.

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