Saturday, July 23, 2011

Expanding Studio Space

I recently expanded my studio space. The space in front of mine became available and I couldn't resist adding that to my space. I was getting pretty cramped where I was and needed more storage and wall space. Now I have it!

Here are the "before" pictures:
My easel is pulled out of the area so it doesn't look too crowded in this picture.
This is pretty much all the space I had until recently.

Here's another view...The space on the other side of my work table
doesn't belong to me. Both table that I had had panels and supplies
 packed underneath. BTW, that's my mother-in-law, Susan, helping me with the move.

Here are the "after" pictures:

This is the added space. It used to belong to someone else but now it is my storage and
shipping area. This is across from my original space.
Here is my original space...just cleaner and less cluttered. I got rid of the second table and
moved the painting rack and storage shelves. I now have space to add a  "lounging area" to my studio.
In addition to putting the final touches of my "new" studio space, I also completed my commission piece and did two more vellum paintings.

"Greffen" 14"x14". It just got the final approval so I will wax it tomorrow.

This one came out okay. I will probably go back and add some darker areas to it.

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