Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Featured Artist on Brooklyn Art Project!

My artwork featured on the banner for Brooklyn Art Project for the month of August
Awhile ago (and we are talking one of my first blog posts here) I wrote a post on art networking sites. I wasn't sure whether or not it was worth my time to sign up on these sites or if it was worth the trouble to upload artwork there. I was going to try a few of them out and see what happened though since networking is a big component of getting your artwork "out there".

I registered my work on five different sites: Blue Canvas, Brooklyn Art Project, Artslant, Myartspace, and Artist File Online. It was an experiment and I wanted to see if any of these sites would drive traffic to my website or blog, or even bring more attention to my artwork. I loaded up a bunch of images and pretty much left it at that. I never "added" other artists as friends, didn't post comments, and truthfully, I didn't even update my photos since the initial sign up. That was back in 2009! Recently, and I'm not sure why I suddenly got the urge, I decided that I should update my profiles on all of the sites I was registered on. This was less than a week ago.

This morning I received an email from the Brooklyn Art Project stating that they were making me the featured artist of the month and my artwork would on on the banner for all of their website pages, including their blog through the end of August. They would also be sharing links to my work to their 15,000+  Twitter followers. Not bad, eh? I can't say the other sites have garnered me any success or whether or not it was worth the effort. It has been mostly quiet, although I did get a few inquiries (less than 5 in almost three years) from these sites, I was a featured artist on a different site, and I get a lot of glowing comments from fellow artists. So is it worth it? Are art networking sites worth the effort of registering your work on? I'm still undecided but I think this time I'll keep my images updated just in case...

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