Friday, December 14, 2012

"Yaaay!" Underpainting

I am currently working on two different paintings at the same time. "Yaaay!" is tentatively the name of the newest piece and when you see it, you'll understand the title. It's such a happy piece, which feels like such a contradiction to how I am feeling right now in wake of the Connecticut shootings today. It is such a sad day... Something needs to be done because the way things are now is obviously not working. As a teacher, some-day parent, and a human being, my heart breaks for those affected by this. That is all I will say on this because you really don't need to hear me rant. This is not the place for that.

Here are the two latest paintings in progress:
The panel is 30"x30"

And here's the painting I started earlier this week:

This is a small piece...16"x16"

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