Monday, December 3, 2012

Pigeons and Underpaintings

I just finished another underpainting and I am starting to feel like this stage is my favorite part of the painting process. I like starting with a rough sketch of a painting and making the image "appear". It's almost like magic least it feels like it to me. Sometimes I am amazed at what comes out and how fast it happens. This is the stage where I make all of my major decisions about composition, while in the later stages I am refining. It is the beginning of my "relationship" with a painting, and it's usually during this phase that I either fall in love with the piece, or decide that it's not worth the effort. Like I said, it's my favorite part and I sometimes have to fight the urge to just start a bunch of pieces, painting that first layer, and not going back to complete the piece. It's a good thing I am more disciplined than that, otherwise I would have a studio filled with half completed work!

This is my latest piece...once again, a person is feeding a pigeon. This is the second piece where someone is feeding a pigeon. I guess back then they weren't considered the filthy creatures that are thought of to be today. Happier times back then, I guess...

The underpainting (aka the fun part) is done!

The final piece is 24"x24".

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