Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Time Flies...Another Underpainting

I started this piece about two hours ago thinking that I would just work out the faces and call it a day. The faces were kind of complicated to figure out since they merge into each other. I got the faces figured out and then decided that I would just add the bottle and THEN call it a day. Well once I got done with the bottle, it didn't seem to hard to add in the body of the topless guy. Next thing I knew, most of this underpainting was done. Sometimes that's how it goes. I get so engrossed in a painting and next thing I know, most of it is complete. Now this one still needs some work on the underpainting, and frankly, had the paint around the blank spaces not been super wet, those areas would have been done too. I usually work from left to right, since I am right handed and if I don't, I end up with paint smeared all over me and my painting. This time since I was ONLY going to work on the face, and then added other elements, I kind of worked the piece from all different directions. I decided to leave it as is so that I wouldn't destroy what I did today by resting my hand on wet paint. This will have to be completed another day.

This is on a 16"x16" panel. I find the image to be very sweet.

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