Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Cakes

There was not much fine art making this week or weekend. My brother's wedding was this Saturday and I had the job of making his wedding cake. I have made at least a dozen cakes, including my own wedding cake last September, so this was not an unusual task for me. Him and his fiance were very specific about how they wanted their cake to look, as most couples are. They wanted a red convertable VW bug with these figurines (toys, really) that they had, sitting in the car. There was also red hearts with their initials and a congratulations banner required. So while I did not get much painting time in this week, I did create a cute little cake for them.

The car is sculpted out of fondant and is completely edible, although incredibly sweet. It's not exactly what I would have chosen as my wedding cake, but then again, it wasn't my wedding. In case you were curious as to what my wedding cake looked like, here it is. The roses are all edible and hand sculpted in gum paste by me.

And here is the first cake I ever made. I can't believe my friend trusted me to make her wedding cake having NEVER made one before and never taken a class. I'm pretty good at making things up as I go. These oriental poppies are hand sculpted by me also.

Now that the wedding is over, I am hoping to get some painting done. I need to get ready for the "Thinking Figurative(ly)" show this Friday at Art Explosion Studios (2425 17th Street @ Portrero in San Francisco from 7- 10pm). I hope you can make it. I will have a lot of new, never been shown, work up.

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