Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Day After

It's the day after the reception for "Thinking Figurative(ly)" and I am at the studio space inspecting the aftermath and reflecting on how the show went. The space was pretty clean. There were a few wine "glasses" (or should I say wine "plastics") in interesting places, and I did spot some cups of cheez-its and yogurt pretzels in the back, but other than that, the place looked good. I am a little surprised, although I guess I shouldn't be. We are adults after all. But whenever I participate in these types of artist-run events, I am reminded of the "white trash" party my house-mates (all artists) once threw many years ago. The aftermath to that was pretty bad. We were finding bologna and corn dogs hanging off of and on the art work for days. Pretty rude, even for a "white-trash" party (which, btw, my house-mate came dressed as Tanya Harding). I realize that was in our youth and we are adults now, but I always remember that party after cleaning up for any event I am part of.

Besides the studio space looking pretty clean, the show was a success. There was a couple who set up a fresh-made empanada stand that was a HUGE success, because really, who doesn't love a fresh fried, home-made, empanada with mole and plantains, right? I also got a TON of compliments for my work, the "Forgotten Memories" series AND the new pieces I was experimenting with at the beginning of the year. People seem to still be amazed that my work is actually an oil painting and not a photograph or a photo transfer. I guess for me, since I actually paint them and am a harsh self-critic (so they don't look like photos to me), I am surprised whenever I hear that. To me, they are obviously paintings, with obvious flaws. But the average art viewer doesn't see what I see (thank God) and it was great to hear many compliments. I even sold a few pieces, which is ALWAYS nice.

Next up, I have three commissions to work on and a show in April and May to prepare for. It's back to the painting easel for me!

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  1. Hi Jhina! Its Eric the Emapanada guy! Thanks for your kind words!!! We really had fun serving our food it was a great crowd! :)