Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beeline and Beehives

Every year, the International Encaustic Conference (which is held at the beginning of June in Provincetown, MA) has a juried show for it's participants. This year's show is juried by Francine D'Olimpio, owner of Kobalt Gallery in Provincetown who will also host the show in her gallery. Every year has a different theme and this year's is "Beeline". I decided to start working on my entry now since this would give me an opportunity to try out a few pieces before deciding on what to enter. I found a great photo of a woman who had a great beehive hairdo and decided that was what I wanted to paint. I realize that it technically has nothing to do with actual bees, but I think "Beeline" is pretty open to interpretation. I plan on finding more images of women with beehives. I just love the hairstyle!


This is still in it's underpainting stage and has a lot more work before I complete it. I do need to complete it soon since I have three commission paintings I need to start soon. I wanted to work on another color study after this but it looks like that will have to be put to the side for a bit.

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