Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things to Do and Other Goals, Part 1

Earlier this year I read "I'd Rather Be in the Studios" by Alyson Stanfield and came up with a list of "things to do" EVERY month. It was mostly Alyson's list from her book, with a few things changed to make it feel more doable to me, and a few things added in that I thought I SHOULD be doing additionally. It's a long list of twenty items. I thought it was time to see how I am doing with this list and perhaps re-evaluate some of the items.

To be done every MONTH:
1. Review my goals: I may not actually look at my written goals for my career, but I am constantly thinking about them and affirming the career I want.

2. Have regular studio and office hours: I definitely have regular studio hours. I go in around the same time and work the same amount of hours everyday. This is my job so I try to make it as regular as possible as far as working hours go. I can't say that I have regular office hours, although mornings before I paint seem to be when I answer emails and blog.

3. Visit a museum or gallery: Does visiting the gallery that represents me count? Probably not. Okay, this one needs more work. You'd think this would be an easy one but I've been pretty busy lately. I should at least attend the art openings. I have to be better at this.

4. Schedule ten hours of marketing time: Ten hours a month. That shouldn't be a problem but I don't think I am anywhere near there, unless blogging and Facebook time counts. I do spend a lot of time posting my work on both. This needs more work too.

5. Post 6 blog posts a month: Done! I never thought THAT would be an easy one but now that I am showing works in progress on here, it seems to get easier. Who would have thought I'd have this much to say!

6. Post 10 comments on other people's blogs: I do read a lot of blogs. My favorites are "Oh What a World" by Lorraine Glessner,  "Art in the Studio" by Nancy Natale, "Women Painting Women", Amber George's Art Blog, and of course, Joanne Matttera's Art Blog (look at my side bar to see links to these blogs). I don't comment very often, which I should. I guess it's part laziness and part I just don't have anything interesting to say. I'll get working on this one too.

7. Read art books and magazines: Well, I can't say I actually read these. I do look at the pretty pictures though. I should get a subscription to a few magazines to keep myself current on what's out there. I do read art related websites though, like

8. Read one motivational book: A month? Do they have to be new-to-me ones? Hmmm, that seems like a lot of books. I do reread the few motivational books I have just to remind myself of the things I should do. I may have to rethink this task...

9. Read one business book or magazine: Okay, I haven't done this at all. I just can't read one of these without falling asleep instantly. I have, occasionally, read articles online that pertain to art business related issues but I don't know how feasible it is for me to read general business books or magazines.

10. Hand out 5 business cards or postcards to someone new: I think this number was higher in "I'd Rather Be in the Studio". I want to say it was that many a DAY or perhaps a week. I can't remember. But I do know I changed it to "month" and even that I have been having a hard time with. Whenever I meet someone new, I do try to work a business card or postcard in. I guess I just don't meet very many new people. I REALLY need visit more galleries and get out more so that I can meet new people and do this. I think it's a pretty important task to accomplish.

I will comment on the last ten things on my list tomorrow. In the meantime, here's an update on the progress of my latest painting. Just for the record, stripes are a bitch to paint and I haven't even done the shading or the white stripes yet.


  1. Hi Jhina-

    Graet post about goals- It reminds me to refocus on business end of our profession and gives me a few new ideas, as well.


  2. Thanks Julie! The business end isn't always the most funnest, but such a necessary component to being successful. Thanks for reading my blog!