Monday, June 4, 2012

The First Week...

This painting has a tiny bit of work left, and then it needs to be waxed.
I will be shipping this tomorrow, along with the last two pieces
completed, to Julie Nester Gallery in Park City, UT. This piece is 30"x24".
The first week of my summer break has come and gone and a lot of work was completed. I am leaving for a well-deserved (I think) vacation to Italy with my husband in two days and before we can leave, I have to finish three paintings and ship/ deliver thirteen pieces to four different galleries. It's going to be a hectic two days as I try and coordinate everything, pack for our trip, oh, and did I mention that we are making an offer in absentia on the cutest house ever, while we are gone? We are hoping to find out at the end of this week that our offer is accepted, but, as those of you who live in San Francisco know, for every house that's for sale, there's anywhere from 5 to 10 other people bidding on it. Hopefully we will find out that we got the house and will be celebrating this in Italy. Keep your fingers crossed! It will be our first house we are buying and it is a scary, nerve-wracking process, but we have a great realtor who is holding our hand through the process. Lots of changes are happening for us!

In other news...I have started the first piece in my new series and I am so excited to be working on something new! It may be a long time before I post anything online since I want to make sure I work out any "kinks" and have a good body of work before I reveal it. Stay tuned...

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