Friday, May 13, 2011

Men as Objects

 After putting my last large diptych on hold, I started this painting yesterday. It is my entry for the Women Causcus in Art show, "Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze" to be held at SoMarts Gallery in San Francisco in November. I'm pretty happy with my choice of image and the way it is working out after only one day of working on this. The entry is due by May 20th so I hoping to get the bulk of the work done, and ready to wax, by the end of this weekend. The painting is 30"x30". Wish me luck on getting in the show!

After working on the larger diptychs, 30"x30" seems so small. It always seemed HUGE before now. I used to work primarily with 12"x12" being the smallest painting and 24"x24" being my usual size. Now that I've worked larger, I kinda don't want to work smaller than 24"x24". It's weird how our perspective of what large is changes. I am enjoying working on the larger paintings!

There is where the painting is at after working on it today. Underpainting is done!

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