Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working During Open Studios

This year, during open studios, I decided to actually paint, seeing as how I would be in my studio for at least 5 hours a day, for three days straight. With so many deadlines looming and the fact that my work usually doesn't sell during these things anymore, I figured that I may as well make use of the studio time and get some work done. People can still see my latest work and see a work in progress, while still asking me questions if they had any, and I wouldn't have to sit there with nothing to do but wait for people to walk by. It seemed like a good plan.

So in the fifteen hours I was there (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), I managed to get the under-paintings of two new pieces done. The first piece got some detail work done, but still needs a few more hours. The second piece will take a bit longer. I am hoping to have these paintings done by Tuesday.

I started this one Friday night. 16"x16"

I didn't work on this again until Sunday (today).

This one, I started on Saturday. It's still in the
under-painting stages. 16"x16"

In other news...The latest edition of 7x7 magazine has the ad for my show at 111 Minna Gallery! I'm hoping it will bring a big crowd with lots of money to spend on my work!

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