Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Finished Paintings

I finally finished the oil portion of this painting. I was extremely happy with the way the fabric looks on this one. The striped scarf and floral shirt look like actual flowing fabric and patterns aren't exactly easy to paint. The hand looks better, although I think I could use more practice on hands in general. Overall, I like the way this painting turned out. The only thing left on this one is the wax layer.

I also finished the couple painting, finally. I think this painting, along with the other three similar pieces, will be available only through my studio. I am not painting a lot of these so it doesn't make sense to include these, along with the "Forgotten Memories" paintings, at the galleries that show my work. I want to be able to show consistent work at galleries and these explorations aren't quite good enough in concept or execution to show with my other work. They are more experimentations. These, and the color studies that I will be starting (TODAY!) are my way of exploring other possibilities and having fun. I will be showing them on my blog, because I think it's good to record my process and progress, but they have a long ways before making it into a gallery. In the meantime, please email me if you would like to purchase any of these pieces or have questions about them. If you would like a "Forgotten Memories"painting, you can contact the gallery directly (websites located on the side bar) or email me and I can direct you to the appropriate gallery. 

"Missing the Target", 24" x 30"

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