Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Quick Day at the Studio

After running a bunch of errands yesterday, I found myself with a few free hours before our dinner plans with my brother and his fiancee. Since I didn't really have much to do at home, and was thinking about my latest painting anyways, I stopped by the studio and got a bit of work done. I was only there for about two hours. The studio tends to get busy on the weekends and I like to work when it's nice and quiet. Plus, with everyone working at the same time, the smell of solvents and paints is hard to escape, which makes my head hurt.  I did get more of the underpainting done, which was nice. Here it is:

I REALY need to work on the hand more tomorrow, It's looking rather manly. Hands are not my strong suit, as you can see. I should work on some hand studies.

Here's another view with some slight changes.

I also worked a TINY bit on this other piece. It's still not done, but here is where it's at for now:

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