Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Rise and Fall of a New Year's Resolution

It is February 21st, 53 days into the new year, and I am already having a hard time keeping up with my resolution to draw/create one ACEO a day for the entire year. At this point I have done 44 drawings, which makes me 9 short, assuming I don't create one today, and I plan to. 

While I don't want to make excuses for myself as to why I have not done the other 9 drawings, I do have to remind myself of the reason for taking this project on. I wanted to make sure that I was creating art EVERYDAY, without fail. Creating art everyday is essential for my growth as an artist. I needed this goal so that on days when I felt depressed, or uninspired, or just downright lazy, I had a reason to create something no matter how small. I also wanted the freedom to experiment and not feel like I needed to create a masterpiece every time. So when I really think about it, I guess my goal really is more about the ACT of creating rather than the PRODUCT that I create.

Now if I look back to the days that I did not make a drawing, most of those days were because I had spent at least 5 hours in the studio painting and was tired by the time I got home. Now if my goal was to create every single day, do those days count against me when in fact I am creating but in a larger format? Am I not fulfilling my actual goal of creating everyday? Hmmm, in essence I guess I am but I did state that I would specifically make an ACEO a day. What do you think? Have I broken my New Years Resolution already? Or am I still golden? All comments are welcome!

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  1. The goal is to create everyday so studio time definitely counts! Your resolution has been bent appropriately dahling!