Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jane Fine at Michael Rosenthal Gallery

While waiting for a table at Little Star Pizza last night, my friends and I decided to walk across the street to the Michael Rosenthal Gallery, which was having an opening for artist, Jane Fine. We had 45 minutes to kill and what better way to spend time than to go to an art opening, right? Especially, when the gallery is conveniently located across the street from the restaurant!

When we walked in, I was immediately struck by all of the colors. Each panel was completely covered with every color of the rainbow. Layers upon layers of acrylic paint where piled on some of the pieces that they were almost more like sculptures than paintings. Fine then used ink to add details to her work and creating, what looked like to me, space age landscapes. My favorite part of her pieces were when she used tape to mask off parts of her paintings, and then pulled them off leaving the rough edges of the torn tape's impressions on her work. Some pieces looked like the tape was actually left on. I know that seems like a small and silly thing to focus on or like, but I just like the randomness of the tape that seem to float within her compositions.

While normally I am attracted to a more muted palette and less "busy-ness" in a painting's composition, Jane Fine's work has enough interesting elements in it that I would probably stop by the gallery again and see what else I can notice from her work.

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