Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back to Work

I haven't been painting very much lately. I have been sick and have had some other things going on that have kept me from mentally (and sometimes physically) being able to paint. But I am now back in the studio, painting away. It's a good thing too since I have a few shows coming up in April and three commissions to be working on. I will be in a group show at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco and in a two person show at Manna Gallery in Oakland. Both shows open in April and I will post the dates to the openings sometime soon. I will also be showing my work with JoAnne Artman Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair, in New York during the same month. It will be a busy couple of weeks getting ready for all of these events!

Here's the latest painting in progress, which will be shown at Manna Gallery:
You can't tell from this image, but the panel is 30"x40". I haven't decided where I
will be adding the color on this one yet.

Here's a backwards progression of the same painting:

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