Friday, September 14, 2012

Studio Floors

As some of you may remember, I just recently moved into a new house and studio (which is in a large space in my house). The floors were uneven and because of it, my easel and chair would roll away from me. In addition, I was having to overcompensate in my posture for the slanted floors and this was killing my back. In stepped my fabulous husband and father to design a platform to level my floors. With the help of some friends (Thank you James, Adam and Erik...but especially James who spent a TON of time building), and a week and a half of work, I now have level floors in my studio!!!! I am still planning on adding another coat of paint to the floors, but I hope to move in this weekend. Next up are storage racks...

In other news...I am still working hard on getting some 12x12 pieces done for a 4x4 grid that will be shown at ArtHaus Gallery for my solo show. The show opens October 5th so there's not much time! I have 6 done, 5 in progress, and 5 to start. Good thing these are small!

Work in progress...


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