Sunday, March 25, 2012

Painting Class and Studying Calculus

Today I started Advanced Open Studios, a painting "class" that will last six weeks. It is the third class I have taken at Sadie Valeri Atelier and I will be working on a still life painted in classical Flemish style. I'm pretty excited about this class. It's my one day a week where I don't have to worry about my own painting deadlines and I get to just LEARN.  I will be working with color, and although I am sure this won't be easy for me (think old dog, new tricks), I am looking forward to the challenge.
This is my still life for the next 6 weeks. 

I worked on my drawing today. As you can see, The base of the little pitcher
 is crooked. I think I need to tweak the larger one's base too.
I don't know how I missed that when I looked at the actual drawing.
That's why I like taking pictures of my work. It gives me "distance" so that
I can see things I may not see in the actual piece.
 In other news, I found out on Friday that I am being laid off from my teaching job. My principal is really fighting HR so that I can keep my job, but part of the requirements is that I finish adding an upper level math credential to what I already have (which is only allows me to teach up to advanced algebra). This meant I had to sign up for the next math test, which is the third out of three tests. I already passed the first two. I was planning on taking the test in the Fall (I have two years to complete the tests) so that I could study all summer, but now I am forced to take the test a LOT earlier. For the next six weeks I will be studying calculus, trigonometry, and math history. Sounds like fun, huh? I probably won't have much time to paint as much as I would like. I will be painting some, as a break between study sessions, but don't expect me to be my usual productive self until after May 5th.

 I started this painting yesterday and have finished the underpainting. Today was my
 last full day of painting for at least six weeks. I am on Spring break this week so I plan on
studying for a few hours, take a break to paint for a few hours, then continue studying. This
painting should be done at the end of the week, I hope!

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