Sunday, January 29, 2012

When Panic Sets In

I recently figured out that due to upcoming shows and deadlines, I would need to paint an average of 5 paintings per month for the next four months. Now for those of you who don't paint and don't understand what this means, it's a SHIT-LOAD OF PAINTINGS to get done. I am going to be chained to my easel for awhile.
I got this underpainting done in about four hours.
The panel is 36"x24". I didn't think I would like
this image much, but I'm really liking it now. By taking
the background out, it really made the image stronger.

I was in a panic. How would I get this all done? When would I have time to paint? What am I going to paint? It took a large bag of bar-b-que chips and a Hagen Daz ice cream bar before I was able to calm myself down a little and be able to get some sleep. I was still slightly panicky the next day. Reminding myself to breathe, I can do this, and breathe some more, helped. More than one person told me to "take it one painting at a time". That's all you can do, really, one painting at a time. Letting panic take over and paralyze you isn't going to help. So when I finally calmed down, I went to work.

This seems to be my norm. I realize I have a ton of paintings to get done in a short amount of time. I panic. I get over panic. I go into my studio and get to work, kick some painting ass, and get it all done in time. Next batch of deadlines comes up and I start all over again. Knowing that I've done this before doesn't seem to stop the panic from setting in. I guess it's just something I have to go through and then get over before I can really hunker down and really get to work. It's happened often enough that I finally can see this is my pattern. Is it a fun pattern to go through? Hell no, but it's apparently the way I'm wired.  Fortunately my husband already knew this was a pattern and knows what to do before full-blown panic attack sets in. (Thanks babe for the chips and ice cream!)

Now that I am past my panic mode and I am in work mode, I had a GREAT painting day yesterday. It was one of those days where everything seemed to be going right. I finished the underpainting of my latest piece in about 4 hours and it looked great! I was on fire! I am hoping the next four months goes this way because if it does, twenty paintings in four months should be no problem.

I finished this piece and it is now ready to wax. The panel
is 24"x24".

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